AI for Social Good

The School of Informatics at University of Edinburgh recently launched the “AI for Social Good” initiative: a programme of activities designed to emphasise the use of AI in ways that positively impact society. We participated in the first meeting on the 1st of February by presenting our Ultrax2020 work. You can find our poster here […]

Welcome Fabienne

Fabienne Westerberg joined Ultrax2020 in February 2020! She is in the final stages of completing her PhD at the University of Glasgow, where she has been studying vowel production in Swedish using ultrasound tongue imaging. She will be working on the Clinical Track of the Ultrax 2020 project with Joanne Cleland at the University of […]

Ultrax Attends Motor Speech 2020

Project member Joanne Cleland presented a poster on “Ultrasound Aided versus Perception-Based Phonetic Transcription of Childhood Speech Sound Disorders” at the Motor Speech Conference in Santa Barbara, California.

Project: silent speech interfaces for all

Congratulations to Sam Ribeiro, who received a Research Incentive Grant from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland to conduct a research project on ultrasound tongue imaging. Jenny Sanger was welcomed to the project as a Research Assistant to help with data collection. We are hoping to collect ultrasound images of the tongue and […]

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