Data collection for ULTRAX2020 is underway!

We have now officially started data collection for the Ultrax2020 project.

On the 11th February this year our first participants completed their ultrasound recordings. Since then, our clinical partners have completed ultrasound assessments with over 20 children with speech sound disorders!

As part of the ultrasound assessment, children wear a headset holding an ultrasound probe under their chin while they say a range of consonants, words, and sentences. The assessment takes around 20 minutes and provides additional information about how each child is saying different sounds.

Our clinical partners have been doing a fantastic job of recruiting participants, conducting assessments, and providing ultrasound biofeedback therapy to the children they work with. This research would not be possible without them!

We are hoping to collect data from 120 children with speech sound disorders before the end of the project. This data will be used to develop software to support initial diagnosis of speech sound disorders. The software will also allow objective monitoring of children’s progress in speech therapy.

For more information on the project, have a look at our open-access manual.