Ultrax2020 Clinician’s Feedback Day

On the 24th of July this year, the clinical and academic partners on the Ultrax2020 project met in Glasgow. The Clinician’s Day meeting was attended by researchers from Edinburgh University, Strathclyde University, Articulate Instruments, and by clinicians from NHS Lothian, NHS Grampian, and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Ellie (Strathclyde) provided an update about the clinical side of the project, and Aciel (Edinburgh) showcased some of the results from the technology track. The clinical partners shared their valuable experiences about using the ultrasound in assessment and biofeedback therapy, and their thoughts for the rest of the project.

The Clinician’s Day was an important opportunity to hear from all members of the project team, and to reflect on the unique challenges and rewards facing clinicians trying to implement research into their day-to-day practice.